Testimonials to our work - hear from students and parents about our work

Testimonials to our work - hear from students and parents about our work


“Inomi has surely played a huge role in my college admissions. They guided me during every step of the process, from helping me build my application to making my college list. They replied to all my queries very quickly and helped me by pointing out common mistakes in the application process and how to avoid them.”

Aditya Gaur, The International School, Bangalore
Admissions into Duke University, Rice, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Georgia Tech, NTU and others


“A big shout out to Richa and her team for their guidance and support in my daughter’s admission into a highly ranked dream college. It would not have been possible without Inomi-Stoodnt’s deep understanding and insights and Richa’s helpful and proactive feedback at every stage.”

Rajshri Sen, Mother of Aditi Sen, Delhi Public School, RK Puram, New Delhi
John Hopkins University


“My experience with Inomi-Stoodnt has been highly positive. The biggest issue I was facing before starting the MS application process was narrowing down the universities and the insights provided by my counsellors greatly helped in clearing this confusion. The right guidance throughout the application process, which included shortlisting the colleges, proof reading my essays and constant encouragement, helped me secure great admits to universities such as Carnegie-Mellon, Columbia, Wisconsin and Maryland. I would highly recommend the services of Inomi-Stoodnt to all future aspirants and I can't thank my counsellors enough - Ajay Singh, Richa Saklani and team – for my awesome admits!”

Puja Mathur,
MS In Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University


"I would highly recommend the Inomi-Stoodent team for coaching and preparing students for the best Universities in the world. Richa, Ajay and team supported our son for 3 years. Richa coached him to fully understand his passions and how he could achieve them through planning and execution. The team continued to partner, motivate, and guide him through every step - creating his profile, selection of colleges, applications and showcasing his achievements. Thanks to the entire talented and knowledgeable team!"

Samya Ahmed, mother of Kabir, Oakridge International School, Bengaluru
Admissions into Computer Science at University of Toronto, University of Edinburgh


"I started working with Inomi in the early months of 2019. I had mostly completed my application and reached out to Richa looking for guidance with my CV and to add some final touches to my essays. I was blown away by their results; the polish that they added to my application far exceeded my expectations. I was accepted into my program of choice at Columbia University and even received a small scholarship. Even though we only had a short time together, Richa and her colleagues made me feel that they were fully invested in my success. I would recommend their service to anyone looking to elevate the quality of their application.”

Vikram Kaleka, Middlebury College
Masters in Nutrition and Applied Physiology, Columbia University


"College applications are a daunting process. I say this loosely because that's what I have heard, however having been mentored by Inomi in my college apps journey, I never felt it. From selecting colleges, and understanding what a personal statement really needs to include, to preparing for interviews, Mrs. Richa and Mrs. Kritika were there for me through every step of the way. Their counsel, guidance and support played a vital role in getting me into 3 out of the top 4 law colleges in the UK and I am so thankful to them for all that they have done for me.”

Siddharth Soneja,Bishop Cotton Boys School, Bangalore
Admission into Cambridge University, UCL, King's College, UK


"I came to know Richa Saklani at a time when I was standing at one of the most critical crossroads for me as a parent. But we were fortunate, my daughter Nayantara attended a session by Richa’s team. She found the session and the intensive counselling that followed very useful – and made a confident choice! Several years later, as a trained chef and a practicing professional in the food and hospitality sectors, my daughter sometimes considers getting back to Richa to brainstorm about the way forward. We went back to Inomi a couple of years later, when my son Ashwat reached the same crossroad.Ashwat has remained in touch with Richa since, as a reliable and credible source of relevant knowledge and advice as regards higher study choices. As a mother of two adult children, I would just like to say that the best test of any professional counselling support organisation is that we keep going back to them. And that we do!”

Subhadra Menon, mother of Nayantara and Ashwat, Sardar Patel Vidyalaya, New Delhi


"When I first met Richa, I had little or no clue about the options and the requirements that we would need to navigate. She and her team patiently answered our questions and provided us the guidance we needed as a family. Inomi in my son's words “laid down a path for us to follow”. A path that led us to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. What I liked most was that there was someone always keeping us on the right track with a reminder email or a ping on the WhatsApp group. In a nutshell we got personalised attention which helped us through some tough times. A heartfelt thank you from all of us to you and your team.”

Nikhil Dey, father of Neil Dey, the Sri ram School, Aravali
Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign


"Whenever I think of Inomi, I see a place where you, as an individual, is understood. The comfort; the personal connections and most importantly, your strengths are being understood and they become the focus in building your journey ahead. The college through which I would begin my studies wouldn't have been possible if Inomi wasn't there. I felt heard, I felt support and I felt I was important!!”

Paavani Ojha, Sanskriti School
Literature at Smith College, Massachusetts


"Rishika's MS journey with Inomi was a smooth ride. Rishika was very comfortable with Richa, right from her first interaction. Richa is kind, professional, knowledgeable, patient, thorough, and takes pain and time to answer all of her questions!!! Ben, Poonam and Richa have knowledge about the universities and the team's approachable nature is extremely praiseworthy. We would like to thank the entire team for continuous support even when we have our admission intact. During this lockdown Richa has been extremely helpful in guiding and providing positivity to Rishika. The entire team exhibits perfect balance of professionalism and friendliness. We would recommend Inomi to anyone looking for help in the university scouting or application process.”

Babita Batra, mother of Rishika Batra
Food Science and Human Nutrition at National University of Singapore (NUS)


"The journey with Inomi has been deeply satisfying. The support I received from the entire Inomi Team was immense. I am really excited to begin my college soon and Inomi played a very significant role in order to make that happen. The most impressive thing about Inomi Learning is the comfort and the ease with which I can approach the team and support was offered as always. Really happy with Inomi!!”

Vaane Tiwari, Presidium School, Noida,
Toronto University, Canada

"Before joining Inomi, the entire process seemed very daunting and overwhelming because I was planning on applying to a bunch of different colleges in different countries and I wasn’t really sure how the entire system worked. Choosing Inomi was the best decision that I could have ever made for my college applications. My collaboration with Inomi helped me discover myself, work on my weak areas and reinforce my strengths. Especially, I appreciate Inomi’s organised and structured approach to every single aspect of the college applications; whether it be proving resources, compiling data, keeping up with deadlines, and regular communication, it was always extremely smooth and they responded extremely satisfactorily to my requests. They assisted me in courses and college identification, and guided my on how to build my candidature for the colleges. Their suggestions helped me boost my knowledge of my subject area. They were with me every single step of the way: filling out my applications, writing my essays, proof-reading, editing, and preparing me through mock interviews. My entire application process went very smoothly. ”

Aryan Shiv Talwar, Modern School,Barakhamba, New Delhi
McGill University, Canada


"Every college application has two aspects, Test Preparation and the following steps which are essays, interview, college support etc. Inomi helped me in all the aspects from finding the right places to finding the right words. I felt prepared for my interview, especially Ashoka, because of the support that I got from Inomi. Whenever I felt stuck, I knew that I can ask for help from Inomi and Richa, Kritika were always there. A huge shout out to the entire team. I am here because they believed that I can be here!!”

Madhav Gupta, The Sri Ram School, Aravali
Economics at Ashoka University


“All of us thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your help. Education transcends a commercial transaction and your and your team worked closely on aligning interests and getting the best possible result.”

Sundeep and Nisha Kohli, parents of Hemank Kohli, Singapore
Studying in University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign


"I must say that I am deeply satisfied with my association with Inomi. The most crucial thing that has stood out for me is the support that was being offered at every single step for my journey ahead. I was able to reach out to the team, especially Richa Ma'am, without any hesitations and inhibitions. I would very soon be joining Krea University. I am really excited and I would like to thank the entire Inomi Team to make that possible for me!!”

Mahika Nair, The Sri Ram School, Aravali Campus
Admission into UCL, Edinburgh, Krea University


Shrirang and I were totally new to US applications and Richa & her team helped us through the entire process of shortlisting colleges, working on Shrirang’s profile and form filling. Richa was always available to discuss any doubts and even take care of my worries. I’m a happy and a proud parent.”

Smriti Sharan, Mother of Shrirang Ojha, Sanskriti School, New Delhi
studying Economics at Boston University


"My experience with the Inomi- stoodnt team has been overwhelming positive. Richa mam, Yuri sir and Tandra mam all helped Minal identify her career interests and conducted multiple sessions to plan each application. With their guidance she got accepted to all universities she applied to.”

Raaj Chawla, Father of Minal Chawla, Delhi Public School, Ludhiana
Stony Brook University

"I was keen on doing Economics and after meeting the Inomi Team, I became confident. There is a sense of calm, a welcoming ease within the Inomi Team which brings out the best in you. That best enables you to reach your true potential with appropriate, relevant support from the Inomi Team. I would soon be beginning my journey with Ashoka University, all thanks to Richa and the Inomi Team!!"

Sampada Jain, Delhi Public School, Gurgaon Sector 45
Ashoka University


"The Inomi Team understood my requirements and made the process for applying to colleges really easy. My journey with Inomi has been really memorable as I express my gratitude to the entire team at Inomi especially Kritika and Richa Ma'am. I have been in touch with various counselors but I can say strongly because of my experience that they are one of the best. Thank You to the entire team at Inomi."

Vinayak Singh, Amity International School, Noida
University of British Columbia, Warwick, UCL, and Ashoka University


“Right from Class IX, Inomi supported Adit in planning projects, choosing colleges and prepared him for interviews. We are grateful for the constant, unrelenting support of the Inomi team and their commitment to help Adit make the best choice and find his best potential”

Ashima Whorra, Mother of Adit Whorra, St Columba's School, Delhi
Ashoka University, B Sc, Computer Science


“When you have a dream, you have to protect it. But you also need a lot of help doing that. Fortunately, Inomi helped me do just that.”

Prachi Agarwal, Kolkata
Flame University, Admission into Ashoka University


“The Inomi team spent time with Rajdeep to understand him as a person and brought to focus his strengths and abilities. The team guided us and paved a clear way through the maze of entrance exams and interviews that ensured Rajdeep's acceptance at Symboisis to study a course he desires”

Gurdeep Anand, Mother of Rajdeep Anand
BBA, Symbiosis Center of Management Studies, Pune


“Before joining inomi I was very confused on how to start with the application process and what things are important to keep in mind while submitting your applications. For me, the best part of inomi journey was I got to learn so much about my field as well the project I was working on. Furthermore, I acquired the knowledge of writing personal statements for different colleges as well as how to ace in the college interview. I personally feel that it is all because of Inomi that i got into my dream college, which is London College Of Fashion. At Inomi the counsellors are available all the time through zoom calls/phone calls/chat and they support you at each and every step of your application process, from helping you write your SOPs to submitting your final applications, they are always there. They even help you with your portfolios/ projects and scholarships as well. ”

Twinkle Jethani, Ajmer
Admission into UAL, Glasgow Caledonian, London Met