How it works

Guided by a mentor, identify your research topic, learn research methodology, and conduct research under the supervision in the following areas.


Develop your own research paper with a mentor in your subject area



Develop your own research paper with a mentor in your subject area

How it works

Guided by a mentor, you will identify your research topic, learn research methodology, and conduct research under supervision in the following areas.


Computer Science

Our Research Program emphasizes several key areas for academic research papers under Computer Science. These include: artificial intelligence, data science and analytics, blockchain technology, and cognitive science.



Potential areas of focus include: marketing and consumer behavior, semiotics, business analytics, e-commerce and business sustainability.



We encourage students to explore a variety of areas including: cognitive psychology, educational psychology, health psychology and neuropsychology.



Our Mentors have been working in medicine areas like genetics, cardiovascular diseases, brain diseases, neuro degeneration and population health.



Our Mentors have been working in-depth and guiding students in areas like behavioral economics, social and economics networks, industrial economics, and educational economics.



Our Mentors can help students in areas like financial markets, financial econometrics, personal and behavioral finance.

Meet the mentors

Meet the mentors



A UCL British Heart Foundation Senior Research Fellow in Multi-omics, Computational Biology and Artificial intelligence. He leads work on multi-omics and cardiac imaging of population cohorts at the Institute of Cardiovascular Science.

Prior to joining UCL, Nikhil was an American Heart Association Fellow at the Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA, where he was working on the management of a trial fibrillation and stroke. Nikhil has an undergraduate degree in Bioengineering from the Indian Institute for Technology, Kanpur, India and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University at Buffalo, NY, USA.



A PhD graduate from IIM Calcutta (2018) and MBA from IIM Kozhikode (2007), is a seasoned academician with a focus on consumer behavior, branding, religion, and semiotics.

As a dynamic educator, she imparts her knowledge at IIM Ranchi, teaching Research Methodology, and at IIM Nagpur, pioneering the course Semiotics Marketing. Her research contributions include papers on e-WOM and religiosity published in reputable journals.

Dr. Agarwala has presented at prestigious conferences worldwide. Beyond academia, she's a successful entrepreneur, having launched and sold two ventures, and boasts achievements like working with PT Usha and scaling Mount Everest Base Camp.



Director and Principal Consultant at EduconceptsIndia Initiatives, Ms. Praggatti Rao is a dynamic professional with over 14 years of experience in counseling, coaching, and leadership development. With a background in science and a gold medal in Human Resource Management, she transitioned from technology giants like NIIT to pioneering advanced life coaching and neuro-linguistic programming.

Recognized for her impactful interventions, she has received awards, including the Women of Influence Award in 2019. An accomplished author and blogger, her work extends to industry-related magazines and a bestselling NLP-based parenting book on Amazon Prime. Ms. Rao's passion for transformative leadership and mentoring is evident in her diverse accolades and contributions.



With a PhD in nanotechnology, Mansi is an electronics engineer and robotics teacher. Over the span of 11 years, she has passionately imparted knowledge as an experienced programming languages instructor. Her expertise reflects a commitment to education and a dedication to fostering a deep understanding of technology in her students.

DR. Ganga Amritesh


With a PhD in the field of Cell and Molecular Biology from National Institute of Immunology (JNU) and Masters in Biosciences from Indian Institute of Science, Dr. Ganga Krishnamurthy Amritesh’s research work has been in diverse areas such as protozoan biology, molecular basis of host-parasite biochemical pathways, cloning and transgenics, recombinant medicine and virology. She is an awardee of the prestigious Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, USA and was nominated for the Young Scientist Award, National Academy of Sciences, India, during her research career.

While she began her career as a scientist, Ganga’s deep appreciation for childhood and affection for children drew her into working with them in different roles – as a story teller, research guide, upcycling club convener, scientist, environmentalist, teacher, social worker, but most importantly, as a learner amidst them. Ganga has been an independent educator for over a decade, drawing inspiration from her research career, her varied interests and her own life experiences. She specializes in customizing the learning journey for students of all age groups and from different walks of life, with a focus on making it meaningful and happy.

Ganga is also a conversationalist, and through her forum The Freespace Project, she facilitates insightful conversations and counselling on matters pertaining to parenting, relationships and living a fuller life. She has worked on television, is a self-taught artist and crafter, an avid cyclist, biker, and a supermom. Ganga is a fearless adventurer who considers herself an ever-growing collage of people and possibilities that bring her joy.


Who can join this program?

    The program is crafted for senior school and college students aspiring to apply to global schools for undergraduate or graduate studies.

How are students chosen and matched with mentors?

    Students provide a statement of purpose. Inomi matches them with suitable mentors based on their aspirations and interests.

How does the program work?

    We find the right mentor for you based on your research subject. Students receive 10-12 online sessions over four to six months, each lasting approximately 45 minutes. The curriculum is flexible and tailored to each student's unique journey and pace.

How do I register for the program or know more about it

    Please write to or reach out to us on +91 9831040111

“It was a wonderful experience and made me even more certain that I would like to pursue a career in STEM. It was incredibly rewarding as later on, through the knowledge gained, I did a personalized project. I truly appreciate the confidence Inomi Preplabs instilled in me through the program where things were taught from scratch.”

Alumni, Inomi PrepLabs (STEM & Arduino) - 2020 batch

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