11 jobs to prove that Art and Creativity has a new address

Musicians, Film makers, animators, art producers and designers – technology companies offer opportunities to participate in creative processes, as well as many jobs, attractive salaries and growth options. Here is a sampling of some creative jobs within technology firms (read art-based jobs because of course, developing software, too, is creative). I have picked a sampling of jobs across geographies and fields available as on June 2022.

1. Creative Director, Google Assistant, Google

Your job involves overseeing the “design language and signature visual and motion design patterns for the entire Assistant portfolio.” The job is open for professional with higher level degrees in design, architecture or fine art with conceptual and communication skills.

2. Multimedia Social Producer, Global Communications and Public Affairs, Google

A job that largely demands storytelling skills, it requires you to “develop, produce and publish videos and other visuals, including animation, illustration, design and photos, for Google’s corporate social media channels, blog, and newsletters.” Film, video and animation education with experience in social media branding will be ideal for this job.

3. Art Producer – Reality Labs Creative Team, META (formerly Facebook)

The Reality Labs group at Meta is working towards mixed reality experiences to connect the world virtually. The Art Producer will be responsible for the production value of all content produced including photography, CGI render, illustration, animation and creative retouching. The job is open producers with experience across digital agencies, brand marketing, advertising and animation.

4. IN Original Movies Manager, Amazon

A content development role for Amazon Original Movies, the job is open to film graduates with experience in creating content strategy based on customer insights. They are required to network with writers, artists and innovators to “help create the future of Indian digital entertainment with Amazon”.

5. Visual UX Designer, Prime Video is meant to play with color, typography, and iconography and create guidelines for all artwork within Prime Video (about time, I would say) and “collaborate with UX designers, managers, peers and leadership to deliver high-quality, scalable, on-brand designs.” Open to those with design education and a compelling portfolio.

6. 3D Artist, Microsoft Mixed Reality

Open to animators and 3D visual artists, this role is mysteriously described as “delivering the next wave of holographic experiences in an exciting new project”. Microsoft’s mixed reality team works with holographic processing units, human-robot interfaces and computer vision to create limitless virtual experiences – like having a party in space!

7. Video Producer, Apple Media Products (AMP) is expected to conceive of and produce “motion graphics and video content for App Store, Apple Music, and Apple TV. The role is open to those with film and production experience and a passion for creating entertainment media.

8. Keynote Designer, Apple’s Marketing Communications Group

This role works with a small design team to create the presentations, graphics, charts, transitions and animations that introduce Apple’s products and services to the world at its massive press conferences and launch events. Qualifications are mainly the compelling story telling skills through strong design and animation skills. “Make the result beautiful, and the effort invisible.”

9. Editor, Apple Music – India

Open to those with experience in music curation, programming or music journalism, this role requires you to “curate local storefronts and playlists” to keep customers engaged with “the hottest tracks and best playlists available”. The position demand extensive networks in the music industry to expand relationships with prospective artists and label partners. The role offers the chance to influence the strategy of Apple’s music business in India.

10. Senior Instructional Visual Designer, LinkedIn is meant to create animations, video amd motion graphics to make LinkedIn’s online courses more engaging and easier to follow for the online consumer. Open to anyone from graphic design and related fields.

11. Automotive Visualization Designer, NVIDIA would build real-time visualizations for self-driving and augmented-driving vehicles, by creating 2D interfaces that project the AI vehicle’s perception and plans to engineers and passengers.

Open to those trained in Interactive or Graphic Design, 2D or 3D animation.

Now to talk about geographies. The list of such exciting creative roles is endless – as is the list of companies that offer them. However, many of the core creative functions are based out of the US, with some openings in UK, India and Canada as well. However, with technology companies moving more and more offices to global locations, such opportunities will only expand across the world.

Salary reports show these creative roles being paid higher, on average, than creative roles in production studios, gaming companies and creative agencies. So, if you thrive on visual creativity and want to look beyond the entertainment industry, explore the thriving world of technology – where jobs are a-plenty and workplace environments are competitive, but largely fair and highly rewarding.


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