What Should You Do This Summer?

Planning for your summer breaks

This article first appeared in the online edition of the Hindu on March 27, 2021.

The post-pandemic world may not be completely open, but we have to keep things moving. Summer programme providers, travel and camping providers and even companies with internships have built hybrid offerings that will work online and offline. 

For senior school students, this is a chance to explore their interests and add a few feathers to their caps and resumes. With leading colleges veering towards “holistic admissions”, students with ideas and talents can truly use their time to showcase their skills and interests. Here are some options: 

Young Technology Scholars

Led by the Plaksha University team, YTS is a hands-on programme where students work in teams to explore, learn, and create technology-based gadgets.

Dates: June 13 to July 3

Fee: ₹25,000 excluding material kit | Material kit: Approx. ₹7,000-10,000

Design-based programmes

ISDI School of Innovation and Design has a tie-up with Parsons, New York, and offers wide-ranging summer programmes every year. 

This year Design Thinking, Working with 2D, Mixed Media, Interior Design, Fashion Design, Fashion Styling, Product Design, Graphic Design, Digital Photography and Storytelling through Films are being offered. 

Dates: First three weeks of April, May, June and July

Fee: ₹30,000 + 18% GST

Social impact

YLAC High School Achievers skills students on creating real social impact. In Phase I, students interact with thought leaders from diverse industries backgrounds.

In Phase II, they work on live projects for partner organisations such as Teach for India, Praja, Pratham, Indus Action, Breakthrough, Haiyya, Swechha and WRI.

Dates: June 12 to July 4 | July 10 to August 1

Fee: ₹20,000 + 18% GST 

Young Scholars Programme 

Ashoka University’s YSP introduces high-school students to liberal arts and sciences. It is a five-day online programme in which students are exposed to multiple disciplines through academic work, multimedia, faculty presentations, creative workshops, and discussion groups. 

Dates: June 14-18, 2021

Fee: ₹25,000 

Summer Immersion Programme

Flame University offers an on-campus Summer Immersion Programme that involves fascinating areas of study including Biology and Conservation of Sea Turtles in India, Creative Writing and Rethinking the Past, Learn Accounting using the Game of Monopoly, The Energies Powering your Smartphone, Digital Footprints, Calligraphy, The Exciting World of Data Visualisation, Introduction to Culture Studies, Smart-E and From Technology Consumers to Technology Creators with Coding. 

Fee: ₹50,000

Dates: May 16-29 | June 13-26

Adventure time

Inme Summer programmes offer adventure-based challenges that not only teach one to achieve goals, but also test oneself. Try the Kedarkantha Snow Expedition, Coorg on Wheels, Tirthan Expedition, and the Himalayan Bike Ride.

Fee: ₹32,000 to ₹44,000

Dates: several in May and June

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